Gravity, by nature, can have its adverse effects on a woman’s breast. In an effort to combat the unavoidable gravitational forces that prey upon the weight of the projected anatomy of the female body, put your hands up in defense, and strike back with Breast Massage.

Women, themselves, can learn the principles of Breast Massage, and arm themselves with the techniques; as such routine practice can be self-administered with ease. One subliminal and significant aspect derived from women regularly practicing massage of their respective breasts, is in the early detection of any lumps or irregularities that could lead to a serious health condition. However, the main objective of the form of Breast Massage at hand is from a cosmetic or physical enhancement approach.

Beyond acquiring the knowledge of techniques of Breast Massage, the only item or product necessary is an adequate and appropriate cream or lotion for the breasts, in order to avoid any irritation to the delicacy of the skin, areolas and nipples. Such topical applications can be found in a wide variety of drug stores, supermarkets, and, at the cosmetic departments of department stores, as well as within bath specialty-type shops.

The first technique to describe is a simplistic four step procedure, in addition to the application of the previously referred to cream or lotion. Before delving into the description, an explanation as to the principles and objectives is in appropriate order. An important function of the regimen is to create and follow a motion, by hand, to alleviate the lymphatic system of the breasts, in a type of an internal draining concept. Two addition procedures, within this massage therapy, are to aid in the motion of fluids that are of the venous nature. Thirdly, is the practical approach in enhancing the strength and overall health of supportive ligaments, which reverses the adverse and unavoidable effects of the Earth’s gravity. For optimal results, this type of Breast Massage should be enacted on a twice-weekly routine basis.

For the first step, the woman should gently use her fingers to stroke the outer flesh of the breasts from the nipples, in an effort to smooth out the skin completely. The motion, created, again, by the fingers, should be in a path that leads away from the nipples. In regards to the amount of pressure to be applied, the degree should not be any more intense than what one might apply to their respective eyelid. Slow and steady strokes by the fingers are most beneficial. If the pressure by the fingers were to be increased, the flow of normal toxins and essential fluids would be hampered, as well as the lymphatic vessel being constricted.

In moving on to the second element, the woman will carefully and gently utilize her entire hands to conduct this aspect of the Breast Massage, by applying a motion that is kneading-like in characteristic. Within this phase of the massage, it is essential to create movements that press and lift, in repetition.

Next, progressing on to the third phase of the massage, the woman’s entire hands will, once again, be engaged. Without an excess of tension, carefully, and, with slow movements, twist each breast in, again, a repetitive fashion, of clock-wise and counter clock-wise motion.

Finally, in the forth and concluding exercise, the woman will engage both hands, as she applies moderate pressure to her breasts, in a number of compressing-type movements, which will internally exit additional fluids that create undesirable pressure.

Another form of Breast Massage is one among the principles for the enlargement of women’s breasts. Obviously, it’s a natural approach, as it primarily involves the usage of hands, based upon the aspects of fostering overall tissue development, along with providing the physical attributes of firmness, elasticity and tone of the breasts, which enhances the entire bust line for an effect of anatomical beauty.

If it is the woman’s desire to accentuate the size of her breasts through Breast Massage, she, as within the earlier mentioned practice, will need to obtain either a cream or lubricant designed for appropriate topical application to the breasts. Such cream, lubricant or a lotion creates a therapeutic and pleasurable barrier in the avoidance of friction.

Women can begin the Breast Massage regimen for the purpose of increasing the size of the breasts, by using their hands in a moderately light manner, applying an easy back and forth motion, in creating a subtle swishing-type action. Following this first portion of the initial phase, women can then adjust the motion of their hands to a counter clock-wise circle, moving around each breast, in its entirety, to aid in lymphatic relief, where internal drainage is desirable.

Desirable results can be realized through this principle of Breast Massage in striving for increased development. Such practices, as indicated, can provide optimum levels of achievement, if enacted on a daily basis, of at least once if not twice daily.

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