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4 Magical Steps To Apply Makeup To Almond Shaped Hazel Eyes

By on September 22, 2011

4 Magical Steps To Apply Makeup To Almond Shaped Hazel EyesYou can accentuate your almond shape eyes by applying the right makeup that shows them to their best advantage. Keep your entire eye makeup arsenal at your disposal and bring that beautiful greenish hue to the fore. Initially, go for an all brown base for your eye makeup.

However, once your own style is set up you can then go ahead and experiment with different shades and colors. Here we show the right technique for adding beauty to your already beautiful eyes.

Steps To Apply Makeup To Almond Shaped Hazel Eyes

The Right Eyeshadow

Different shades of brown go best with almond shaped hazel eyes. You can use dark, light and medium shades of eyeshadow to get the killer combo. Use an eyeshadow application sponge to first apply the darker bronze shade from the outer edge of your upper eyelid to the middle region in one strong sweep.


Once that is done take the medium shade taupe eye shadow and use the sponge to cover the entire upper eyelid. Now use an eyeshadow brush to blend the line between the two different shades. Finally, you need to use the lightest bronze eyeshadow on the top part below your eyebrows for getting the maximum effect. As before use the eyeshadow brush to blend the light with the dark colors.

The Right Eyeliner

No black eyeliners please, always go for the brown liquid ones to get the right effect. Use the brown eyeliner from the middle region of your upper eyelid just above the lashes and put a careful stroke to the end of the eye line.


Take a white eye pencil to draw the lower lashes again from the middle to the end point. Resultantly your eyes will appear bigger, giving prominence to their beauty. Finally, use the darkest shade of eyeliner and carefully apply a thin line below the lower eyelid.

Mascara Application

First of all curl your eyelashes using a curler. Hold the curling instrument to the lashes from their base for 5 seconds. Now select a dark brown base for your mascara. Take an eye makeup brush and apply the mascara from the inner edges of your eyes to the outer in sure fine strokes.


In order to make your lashes look longer and lush than actual it is better if you apply 2-3 layers of the mascara. However, use only one layer of the mascara on your lower eyelids to bring a uniform look. Apply from the inner edge to the outward as in the upper lids.

Makeup For Small Almond Shaped Eyes

If you have small almond shaped hazel eyes, darker base eye makeup won’t suit you. Go for light brown makeups which highlight the eyes and make them look bigger. Use a soft brown eyeshadow to brush across the crease of the eyes.

Extend the shadow a bit beyond the outer edges of your eyes this will make them look bigger. Use eyeliner that has soft brown or gray color. Apply it only on the upper eyelid and extend it a bit beyond the edges of your eyes.Always keep a remover nearby to clean away any mistake during the makeup application.