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4 Secrets To Repair Dry Tangled Hair

By on September 26, 2011

4 Secrets To Repair Dry Tangled HairLustrous, tangle-free, healthy and flowing hair is everybody’s dream. Exposure to windy, harsh climes robs our mane of the natural shine and radiance so much that they turn dry and lackluster, looking dull and a source of embarrassment. And to add insult to this injury, dirt and grime in the environment attaches itself to the hair surface getting it all tangled up and hard to manage.

With our hectic living standards it becomes really difficult to cope up with this problematic situation. Here below we show you how you can restore the lost glory to your difficult to manage dry hair sitting at home using everyday products available right at hand.

Tips To Repair Dry Tangled Hair

Shampoo The Right Way

To prevent tangling your hair you need to shampoo thoroughly once every week. Frequent shampooing robs your hair of natural oils and makes them very dry. Once the process is done wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Now apply conditioner and let it remain on your hair for a minimum of ten minutes.

Shampoo The Right Way

Wash off the conditioner and care that residual conditioner is not there as it does more harm than good to the hair.Gently dry out with a soft towel. Take individual clumps of hair and dry off separately do not rub vigorously or blow dry since it aggravates the problem.

Remove Tangles

This is done best with a wide-toothed comb and is quite a time consuming process since you need to be very gentle and slow so as not to damage or irritate the scalp. Start the untangling process from the hair tip gradually to the root working on small areas at a time.

Remove Tangles

Application of deep conditioner during shampooing makes the process comparatively easier.

Oil Treatment

Thoroughly apply coconut oil on your hair surface and tuck it for the night in a plastic cap. The oil will work its magic in moisturizing your dry hair and restore the lost luster. In the morning you can wash with warm water and comb again for a smooth effect. Oil treatment once every week will act as an elixir for your dull and lifeless strands.

Prevention Better Than Cure

Whenever you anticipate the return of dryness because of too much exposure to the elements or cosmetic applications repeat the above process and gain the desired results. Also to avoid hair tangles and damage try and secure it in a cloth scrunchy or even a cap or hat to keep the exposed hair surface to a minimum. However, don’t use clips or bands since your hair gets tangled in these products and gets damaged.


You can buy readymade hot oil treatment for dry and tangled hair directly from stores and apply once a week or as instructed. Use conditioners for hair which use natural moisturizing agents like shea butter to restore the lost luster. You may also use live-in detangling conditioners suitable for baby hair. That will ensure that there are no negative side effects.