5 Herbs For Weight Loss

5 Herbs For Weight Loss

5 Herbs For Weight Loss Just like fruits and vegetables, herbs too are vital for effective weight loss. Regular intake of fresh herbs not only aids our body in losing weight but also helps us maintain our optimum weight in the long run.

Herbs are helpful for losing weight because they increase the metabolic rate of our body. The higher the metabolic rate, the faster is fat burn. Herbs are also important for better and effective digestion of food. There are many herbs that are very helpful when it comes to weight loss. In this article we will take a look at a few of these herbs.

5 Herbs For Weight Loss


Dandelion is actually a weed that can be easily found in gardens. The weed needs to be taken out on a regular basis or it makes it difficult for the garden plants to grow properly. Dandelion maybe harmful for the growth of plants but it has medicinal properties that are highly effective for the human body.

Dandelion Tea

For weight loss, one can consume powder prepared from dandelion roots. The powder is available in all herbal and ayurvedic stores. It can be sprinkled over your food and can even be used as salad dressing. You can also prepare a cup of herbal tea using the powder.


Hoodia Gordonii is a herbal plant that resembles a cactus plant. The herb is a native of South Africa. The African tribes often consume the plant when they fall short of food since it helps curb the appetite. In recent times, the herb is being manufactured in the form of capsules and sold. The Hoodia capsules for herbal weight loss are specifically targeted at people who are obese and whose BMI is more than 30.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper came into lime light when the Beyonce Knowles admitted to taking the herb along with maple syrup, a cup of water and a dash of lemon. She apparently lost 20 pounds on the liquid diet.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper helps in weight loss because it contains capsaicin that helps in digestion as well as in increasing the metabolic rate of the body. However, the herb is not suitable for every one as it can cause diarrhea and nausea.

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Mandrake is a herb that has red color root with a bitter taste. The herb is being increasingly used in the laxatives as the main ingredient. The herbal properties of the mandrake help in easing bowel movement which leads to quicker removal of waste products and toxins from the body.


Removal of toxins helps the body lose weight faster. If you can find Mandrake at your local herbal store then go for its powdered form. Make a concoction of mandrake powder and water and drink this at least 2-3 times during the day.


Not many people know that Fennel, or saunf, is a rich source of fiber. Our body needs good amount of fiber to get rid of toxins and other waste products. Fiber adds bulk to the excreta that makes it easier for the waste products to move through the intestinal tubes.

Fennel is also a diuretic so it helps eliminate the extra water that the body holds on to. The herb is an appetite-suppressant as well. It is recommended that one chews on a handful of fennel seeds at least 20 minutes before every meal. This will help control portions.

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