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6 Effective Tips To Make Wigs Look Real

By on September 13, 2011

6 Effective Tips To Make Wigs Look RealThere is no alternative to healthy and shiny natural hair which is your crowning glory. But sometimes thinning hairline and balding pate leave you with no choice but to opt for a hair supplement. Wigs go a long way in bringing back your lost self-confidence. However, choosing the right thing that goes naturally with your visage and complexion can be a harrowing proposition.Nowadays you have a plethora of options to choose from. Wigs are manufactured from a variety of materials

Those made from human hair are the most natural of all but sadly they are also very expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Synthetic or artificial hair wigs come in variety of ranges, styles and color. They give you a far better option for getting the best choice. Then there is hair bonding and weaving which are more permanent solutions where human or synthetic hair is attached with your existing ones to make them appear real.

Whatever you may consider the best option for you, the most important thing to remember is that when used, a wig should never look like what it is. It must always be an extension of your natural mane.After all it will be the height of embarrassment if people realise that your hair is not real. Here is what you can do to achieve that natural look.

Ways To Make Wigs Look Real

Hire A Professional

Nobody can do it better than a person who knows his job. To get the best effect you should seek professional help. Either get a stylist from the wig shop itself, otherwise hire one from the high end salons and get that flattering look.

Take The Sheen Off 

Brush For Wigs

Cheap synthetic wigs are also very shiny, proving them as fakes. What you can do is rub talcum on its surface to take the edge off its sheen. Use a puff or brush to evenly apply the powder on its surface then shake the wig in order to bring in a more natural radiance.

Uniformly Cover Your Natural Hair

Use a wig cap to shade your original hair before using the wig so that no unruly lock escapes out and spoil your ruse. The trick is to smooth out the natural mane under the cover so that no ungainly bumps and edges are present.

Wig Cap

A stocking can also be used instead of a wig cap. Now you can arrange your artificial hair over this protective layer in order to achieve a more natural look.

Wig Must Be Tight Fitted

Your wig should be firmly fitted to its place. Secure it thoroughly by using adhesive tapes and bobby pin so that nothing can budge it from its perch.

Use Accessories

Even the most natural looking and well-worn wig may seem out of place if you are not comfortable wearing artificial hair. Body languages convey a thousand unspoken words.


So, in order to not give yourself away, try using accessories like great looking gorgeous scarves that not only shield your wig from prying eyes but will also be grand style statements.

Groom Your Wig 

Comb out the artificial hair to achieve that natural look. You can also use styling sprays to display various hair patterns.