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Are Your Kids Not Serious About Studies?

By on February 23, 2009

Study and kids do not go same way, as kids globally show less interest to study than following other interesting aspects. You take things a bit seriously for being parents and try everything possible so that kids start taking study seriously. What if you’ve tried hard and even things have not gone the way you’ve thought, as kids still show a slight disliking when it comes to study. You would then have to resort to certain aspects to lay the right track for the kids. Your steps should be like:

Assessing kids’ interest
You got to keenly assess the interests of the kids to turn everything your ways. It’s true that they won’t like studying when their pals are busy playing outside, screaming and enjoying like anything. But then, you can’t let the kids go that way without keeping touch with the study. If they like playing games outside or indoors, then give then freedom when they like, and instruct them to have a cut-out time for study as well.

Make their stay interesting
In most cases, kids love being outside and thus even find it hard to get time for study. And if certain is the case, then it’s up to you to make them stay for long in the home. Just keep them engaged through the ways and means they like. Start this practice by slashing their outside time gradually. You can’t force them to stay inside for all time. Just be coherent here.

Lure them with certain incentives
Once you fix certain incentives for your kids, then they will try reaching to that target. And that’s where you will be able to make their study an interesting choice for them. The incentives you fix must match their hopes to consistently drive them. Otherwise, the result would be the same.

Show them brighter side
Once you implement the practice of showing and telling the kids the brighter side of study, they will surely engage themselves in the study. Convey all positivity and negativity of study and leave them in the constant search of excellence.

All these practice are good enough to keep your kids’ on the study track. And if the kids are inclined enough, then even either of the given tricks could ignite the flame.