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Basic Elements Of A Successful Marriage

By on December 26, 2008

Marriage is a big commitment and there are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration while choosing a marital partner. For example: similarity, personality, attraction etc.

Studies have proved that compatible couples are those who are similar on grounds such as- values, interests, attitude etc. Greater the similarity between the partners more positive the relationship.

Personality characteristics:
Similarity is obviously not the only factor that determines a successful relationship. There are also certain personality traits that are related to marital success and people who possess these traits usually have successful marriages. Traits such as anxiety, negativity, neuroticism etc have been found to bring problems in a marriage and subsequent dissatisfaction.

Negativism in a spouse leads to disillusionment over time as love declines. Basically, couples are happiest in a liaison in which the spouse does not show consistent negative emotions like- fear, anger, rage, insecurity, anxiety etc.

As a marriage progresses the sexual interaction between couples decreases. A survey suggests that almost half of the married couples have sex only twice a week as compared to their single counterparts, who tend to have sex much more often. Sex is a very important factor in a relationship and the lesser it happens, more chances of the marriage to hit the rocks.

Marrying for wrong reasons is the worst decision a person can make in their life. Any marriage whose foundation is anything except love is bound to fail. For both men and women satisfaction is related to behavior that suggests compassionate love- laughing together, sharing feelings etc. Compassionate love is the key element in a happy marriage.

Unfair division of household chores:
In cases where both the man and the woman are working, a fair division of chores is required. It is hard for either of the two to handle office and home all on their own. If any of the two spouses is uncooperative then this leads to conflicts in the marriage.