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Beauty After 40

By on February 20, 2009

Very few women take care of their skin and body in their middle age. Particularly women who cross age 40 become less keen in managing their basic beauty plan. The females who were very precautious and particular in maintaining their beauty, some how become slack. Very few females remain gripped and are keen in looking good and continue with their routines. They cannot let it go as their beauty as been gradually developed over the years. They prefer aging gracefully.

Body and skin-It’s good that a well balanced body with proper figure is desirable. It will look one youthful too. One should eat sensibly and must concentrate on fully balanced diet as after the age 40 the functional activity of the body slows down. The digestion process also gets slowed down. Thus one should concentrate with food having lesser carbs and fats. Instead one should go for more green organic vegetables, fresh fruits and can take them in large servings. Better stay away from oily, fried food. Females who are obese must keep a close watch on their calorie intake, as they are more subjected to cardiovascular and other ailments. Dairy can be consumed but see that its fat free.

Hair- With aging it’s natural for us to grow grey hair. But avoid pulling it out, by pulling the chances of gery hair increases. You can get rid of them by cutting it with scissors. You can even opt for better options like hair color or highlights, but before getting one done check whether you are allergic to it or not and the go ahead. Keep the hair clean, groomed, and brushed all time.

Beauty and clothes- clothing can make or break your personality. Wear clothes that suits your age and which you can carry better. You should dignified. Wear light make up and team up simple jewelry. You can go for facial in salon every fortnight. And can put face masks twice week at home.

Every age bears its own charisma and charm. At 40 you will look more dignified and mature. So wake up and enjoy happy 40’s.