Best Types Of Shirts To Hide Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat And Gain Muscle Fast

Hide Belly FatThe extra layer of fat in the middle section of the body makes us look uncouth. Age, along with natural body changes due to pregnancy, menopause etc. are the main culprits. These coupled with a hectic and fast paced life surfeit with junk food and ready-to-eats quite naturally take their toll. All this burgeoning fat gradually becomes very difficult to manage. Finding the right clothes that will not only make us look good but will also cleverly hide that extra flab becomes a challenge.

However, nowadays many clothing options are available for women. Manufacturers and designers experiment with different fabrics and styles in order to fulfill every market requirement. Women can find clothes of different shapes and sizes. They are able to choose from a number of options. If you are not yet ready to fight the flab through burning calories, don’t lose heart. Overhaul your wardrobe and make way for dresses that take your mind off the extra weight. Here below are given the best types of shirt that may do the trick.

Ways To Hide Belly Fat With Shirts

Choose The Right Neckline

Wear shirts with open neckline.V-necks are best options. They take attention off your middle section, so much so that the extra fat fails to bother you in the long run. You can accentuate your revealed neckline by wearing the right ornaments.

V-neck Shirts

A gorgeous necklace and big earrings will make your day. A larger V-neck flowing over your waist is the best choice. Wear shirts having vertical stripes. Also never tuck-in your shirts which will definitely call attention to the very area you need to avoid.

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The Right Shirt To End Your Woes

Wrap tops work the same way. Here both ends of the shirt cross across your middle section and join on the side. The two flaps give that extra protection to shade your flab. Use solid mono colors and avoid stripes. The important thing to remember is that don’t choose a wide belt or tie or a low-slung belt that draws attention to your waistline.

Tunic Top

Again, a tunic top flatters your body; it flows over your waistline. Be careful to choose one that is long and doesn’t cut off at the midsection. Wear legging along with your tunic shirt and call attention to those shapely legs. Shirt with a higher waist like the empire waist shirts are especially effective since they accentuate your top half. Its waistline falls just under your bust, so that your middle section gets more space and adjusts comfortably.

Empire Waist Shirt

Empire waists are available in various ranges and you can choose from a variety of fabrics for different occasions- cotton ones for informal use and those made from high end materials like silk for more formal occasions.


Whatever you may choose to wear, just remember certain basic principles if you want to hide your less than perfect figure. Always avoid large prints and stripes.

Choose clothes two sizes larger, those that flow over and flatter your figure. Avoid clingy, snug and skimpy clothes like the plague. Wear the right clothes and let your confidence skyrocket.

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