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Blisters In Throat

By on October 27, 2010

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Blisters in throat are small lumps which are filled with fluid called serum and are caused due to viral infection. These blisters cause scratchy like feeling inside the throat, which makes the throat dry and is very painful and irritating. Adults tend to suffer from fever and children suffer from headaches and stomach aches during blisters. The blisters are formed in various forms like sore throat, strep throat or oral herpes.

Sore throat causes a part of the throat to feel scratchy and itchy. This part becomes inflamed making it very difficult to swallow. When a virus called Coxsackie invades the throat, this can lead to the growth of blisters on the tonsils. It is a common symptom for cough, flu and cold. Exposure to dust and other air pollutants make the situation even worse. These blisters can cause more pain making the throat red. The soreness is more during day time and gradually decreases as the day passes.


On the other hand, oral herpes or throat herpes are caused due to a virus called Herpes Simplex. This virus can burst the blisters forming open wounds and causing immense pain while swallowing of food. People suffering from weak immunity and taking medicines for chemotherapy are more prone to this infection.


Whenever you suffer from throat blisters make sure you consult a doctor because proper diagnosis is must. Doctors prescribe anti-viral medications and antibiotics to get relief from throat blisters. A natural remedy to lessen the pain and scratchiness is to gargle several times in a day with a mixture of warm water and salt.

Try to avoid breathing through the mouth as it triggers the soreness in the throat. Avoid cold drinks and instead rely on warm liquids like hot tea, lemon and ginger tea, soups, warm water with ginger juice and honey in it.

Mashed Potato

For temporary relief from throat blisters, you can take lozenges but they should not be given to children as they create choking hazard for them. Also, humidifiers can be used for instant relief from pain and itchiness. Avoid hard, spicy and oily foods and eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, rice etc. It is advisable to stay indoors, talk as less as you can to give rest to your throat and take as much rest as you can to get treated in an effective manner.