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Botox for Face

By on March 17, 2009

If you want you get rid of those appalling wrinkles, then the best way is with botox. In fact 95% of American women swear by the botox treatment when it comes to the treatment of wrinkles. Botox came into emergence in the late 80’s and was mostly used for ophthalmologic treatment of spastic eyelids. In the year 2002 this treatment got FDA approval and became the mode desired tools in treating wrinkles. In fact today it has emerges as the most popular cosmetic procedure of the world. It is widely used in treating the following body parts:-

Wide eyes-in order to get the perfect doe- eyed look we rely on the various application of eye shadows and liner. But some females are so transfixed with this look that they desire the look in permanent manner. This is done by injecting tiny amount of botox in the orbicularis oculi muscle of the eye. The eyes thus get widened in almond shape.

Ski-slope nose- instead of shelling a bomb in plastic surgery one can opt for botox and can recover in no time. This is done by injecting into the bottom of the septum and the nose lift job is done and one can easily get the plastic surgery results in less amount and time, while the upturned nose can get the perfect slope with injections in the nostrils.

Smile-if you want to get rid of gummy teeth smile then tiny amount of botox is injected into 5 major places near the mouth. This is done near the upper lip and in the band over the chin, because of this the lip doesn’t gets lifted high while smiling. The only disadvantage is the lips can get flattened or asymmetrical and the P’s and V’s cannot be pronounced clearly.

For smooth skin-the appearance of pores can be shrunk so as to sooth the wrinkling procedure. The sebaceous glands are paralyzed without the facial muscles being affected. Approximately 50-75% of pore reduction is observed.

Before getting botox done its better to know the pros and cons and get things done under proper medical guidance.