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Burning Pain In The Breast – Causes and Treatment

By on January 25, 2011

Burning Pain In The Breast – Causes and TreatmentMany women experience pain or tenderness of the breasts due to a variety of reasons. Medically, such pains are known as mastalgia. Now, mastalgia can be cyclic i.e. when such pain surfaces as per your menstrual cycle.

The pain is at its peak before your menstrual cycle begins and it fades off by the end of the cycle. Such pain is quite normal and is mostly experienced in both breasts. Mastalgia can also be cyclic wherein you a tremendous burning pain in any one or both of your breasts. It is important that you notify your doctor of such pain as it could be the result of some underlying medical complications.

Some of the likely causes of a burning pain in the breasts are an exposure to heavy metals or trauma faced by some of the nerves in the area of the breast. Sometimes an impairment of a nerve connected to the spinal attachment could also result in such pain.


Diabetes is known to cause such burning pain among women. Women suffering from ‘Parathesia’ i.e. a situation wherein, a sensory nerve has been damaged may experience a stinging, burning and itching sensation in their breast.

In case if you have undergone breast implants the burning sensation in your breast could be a result of a rupture in the implants. You may experience swelling, a change in the size of the breast, tingling sensation along with the burning pain in such circumstances.

An ailment of the bone – ‘paget’s disease’ too is known to trigger a burning sensation in the breasts of a woman. Multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, stress, cysts etc could also lead to women experience such pain.


There are many reasons why a woman could experience burning sensation in the breast. Getting depressed that you may be suffering from cancer is a wrong notion. It is better you get yourself diagnosed to know what the actual cause of your pain is. It is found that approximately 10% to 15% of woman would have to undergo treatment for such pain.

Some measures that can be taken to reduce the pain are to reduce the intake of caffeine, sodium and diet rich in fat. It is essential that you wear a sports bra which fits you perfectly while you exercise.