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Can Plastic Surgery Remove Stretch Marks

By on September 20, 2011

Stretch MarksStretch marks are caused by the ripping of the dermis layer of the skin. Many factors contribute to the origin of these ungainly lines like the fast growth of our body during puberty, sudden weight gain during pregnancy. When formed stretch marks have a reddish hue which later turns white. Once it appears on the skin it is very difficult to remove them. While over time they may gradually fade but will never completely disappear.

Many of us are obsessed with erasing these blemish marks. Home remedies and cosmetic over the counter creams are good to a certain level but can never be the permanent solution. Yes! You may completely remove stretch marks through plastic surgery. Various techniques are available to make this possible. Here we have outlined the different surgical methods and discussed how they work to remove the body striae.

Different Plastic Surgery Methods

Undergo Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion technique for removal of stretch marks only works on the epidermis and doesn’t penetrate to dermis where the problem is actually located. General anesthesia is applied to the patient for the procedure which involves removal of the superficial layer of the skin by using a brush which is rotated at a high speed.

There is a controlled injury to the specific areas of the skin, which takes two to three months to heal completely. The stretch marks fade away.There may be some hyperpigmentation or thickening of the skin area after dermabrasion, which needs postop care.

Laser Surgery

This method involves passing of focused laser beams on specific skin area gradually removing the superficial damaged layer. This method induces collagen formation and removes the scar tissues that are originally responsible for the stretch marks in the first place.

Laser Surgery

There is minimum pain and its duration and the number of sessions depend on the severity, distribution and age-early ones are quite easy to remove however mature ones may take some time- of the marks. There may be some inflammation and swelling after the laser treatment but they are not serious and heal over time giving rise to smooth and blemish free perfect skin.


This method is generally referred to as the tummy tuck method. Stretch marks generally appear on surfaces that has a propensity for gathering fat. The area below the navel is one such danger zone where most marks appear. This plastic surgery method removes the upper skin layer below the navel exposing the inner blemish free skin.

Abdominal Braces

The stretch marks can be completely removed by using this method. The recovery time varies with the physical condition and degree of operation involved. Abdominal braces are prescribed to support the delicate region after the surgery.

Application Of Chemical Peels

This is the least painful of all the plastic surgery procedures since it involves a minimal invasion technique. Different acids like glycolic, salicylic and lactic etc are applied on the skin by a competent dermatologist to remove away the outer layer revealing the blemish free inner smooth layer. The degree of the peels applied depends on the concentration of the stretch marks and the recovery time also varies accordingly.