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Causes Of Blemishes

By on June 15, 2010

BlemishesWe all become the victims of blemishes at some point in our life. Both female and male suffer from blemishes especially during their adolescent age. But even elderly people may get blemishes on their skin. There are different types of blemishes which include whiteheads, pimples, blackheads, birthmarks, scars, moles, dark circles, warts etc.

Blemishes occur in various colors, shapes and sizes. Their color can be purple, red, brown, blue, pink or dark red. Generally they appear on the areas around the chin and nose of your face. But they can also appear on other body areas such as neck, chest and back.

Sometimes dark patches are formed or the skin becomes discolored on some areas of the skin. These dark discolored patches on the skin are called as blemishes. They are caused due to various factors. Basically they are caused on the skin areas where more oil glands are found. Dirt is the main culprit for causing blemishes. If you don’t keep your face clean, dirt deposited on it may cause infection which may result into blemishes. It may be a result of some illness or a form of skin allergy. If you have oily skin type then you may be at a greater risk for developing blemishes.


Stress, emotional disturbances, nutritional deficiency, pollution, and hormonal imbalances are some other chief causes of blemishes. When the androgen hormone becomes active, the skin’s natural oil called sebum is produced in excess.

Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Accumulation of sebum gives an opportunity to bacteria to thrive. These bacteria clog the pores and skin infection results which ultimately cause blemishes. Androgen also becomes active during pregnancy and menstruation. A woman entering her adulthood and menopause also undergo hormonal changes. Hence these also contribute to the factors causing blemishes.

 Night Creams

Certain toiletries and cosmetics are also responsible for clogging of pores and causing blemishes. Hence you must choose foundations, moisturizers, night creams and other beauty products sensibly. Some fragrant cosmetic products may contain harmful constituents which may cause blemishes; hence learn about such harmful ingredients and avoid them. If you are already suffering from blemishes then your hair and clothing may irritate them and make them worse. In order to prevent blemishes from occurring you must always keep your skin clean and wear clothing that suits your skin. For blemishes caused due to hormonal changes you can consult a doctor and take medications.