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Cure Diseases With Wheatgrass

By on May 27, 2010

WheatgrassAfter researching on wheatgrass for the past 40 years, the medical researchers and professionals have classified wheatgrass as a super food. Day by day it is gaining popularity due to the presence of abundant nutrients and minerals and its capability to fight against diseases. Wheatgrass can give you more health benefits. You can consume its juice and cure many diseases.Wheatgrass juice is very effective in reducing high blood pressure and regulating sugar level. It benefits in Alzheimer’s disease as well as any mental illness. It is very beneficial for your liver because it acts as a powerful detoxifier. It also boosts your red blood-cell count and makes your immune system strong.

Wheatgrass is very beneficial in treating ulcerative colitis and peptic ulcers. It cures many abdominal disorders such as constipation, diarrhea and problems related with gastrointestinal tract. It also gives you relief from acidity.

Wheatgrass Juice

There are some enzymes and amino acids present in wheatgrass which are very effective in protecting you from carcinogens. Hardly any other food or drug can give you similar effect. It also protects you from the effects of environmental pollutants.

Wheatgrass may also protect you from tumors. The ingredients present in it fight tumors very effectively and also cleanse your blood and neutralizes toxins.

Healthy Hair

Wheatgrass is good for your skin and hair. If you rub it on your scalp, it will remove dandruff and mend dry, brittle and damaged hair. It can bring your hair color from gray to natural. It also soothes your skin if you apply it on sun burnt parts. If applied on itching skin, it gives immediate relief. It also gives relief from insect bites, poison ivy, open ulcers etc. You can heal your wounds and cuts too.

Infertility In Women

Wheatgrass is very good for your mouth. If you have bad breath, it can be cured by gargling with the juice of wheatgrass. Besides all these, it also kills harmful bacteria and tightens your gums. Wheatgrass provides benefits to women in various ways. If there is any fertility problem, it can restore it effectively and bring back your youthfulness.

Burn Fat

Wheatgrass also acts as fat burner and thus it controls weight in various ways. It can stimulate your thyroid gland which eventually reduces your weight and obesity. If you are facing sleep problems, wheat grass can give you relief. Just put some wheatgrass near your pillow.