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Does She Still Admire Anyone Else than You?

By on March 25, 2009

Marriage is all about living life amid fun and intense joy. You have just married and relishing every bit of this new and extremely enriching life. The life is going the way you’d have thought it to be, and all the essence is realized precisely the way should be. The wife you have married with is of your dream and everything seems delightful. But those all are not exactly after few months into the relationship. And things have not remained the same as they used to be.

You are observing a change in her attitude towards you and everything attached with you as well. Though, the act is getting in full flow, but not emotionally. And that’s what pinching you no end. You start smacking something fishy out of nothing and ultimately get the answer: she still admires and even misses the ex. And that’s a common problem faced around the globe. Even after being happily married, women and men both find it extremely hard to avoid the pangs that come to haunt them even right after the act.

The lady with you won’t complain of anything, though would not get into you completely. Despite being devoted to you fully, she will not be there emotionally. And that will keep you haunting for more and more. And that’s the area you can’t do more. She’s even helpless for many things and the ex. certainly being the prominent. You were delighted until the secret was known and now have become a restless geek with constant suspicion.

And that’s where the resolve to take the relationship to the next level comes into the picture. And it would clearly boil down to you at any cost despite knowing all the truths of the relationships and particularly about the lady you love the most. It would surely be a moment to look out for rather than reaching at any decision.

Nothing should be decided in haste to further leave things and joys in disarray.