Dry Vagina – How To Get Relief From It

Dry Vagina – How To Get Relief From It The problem that most women face peculiarly on menopause is the problem of Dry Vagina. But, this does not mean that women of other age group cannot be affected by this condition.

In fact, pregnant women, women undergoing hormone replacement therapy and women who are nursing their babies are also found to suffer from this condition. It is the result of the deficiency of the female hormone estrogen which is needed to maintain the level acidity in your body.

Estrogen also helps in maintaining the elasticity and lubrication of vagina.

Other factors that are known to contribute vaginal dryness are the intake of certain medication, intercourse, the excess usage of condoms etc. At times, even stress, chemotherapy and douches too can cause dryness. Vaginal dryness can lead to havoc in your sex life as it leads to improper lubrication which results in extreme pain while you have an intercourse or even pain and an itching sensation. You may even feel like urinating quite often.

Drink Water

In case you are facing these symptoms due to menopause consuming estrogen in the form of tablets can help in giving you relief from it. Even using a vaginal cream could reduce the dryness. Drinking a lot of water is absolutely essential when you experience dryness in the vagina. This will help to keep your body hydrated and flush out the harmful toxins from it.

Massaging the walls of the vagina with cotton which is dipped in sesame oil for an entire week can help in restoring the lubrication that is lost. Never use products like Vaseline or oil to lubricate yourself as they could block the pores in case if a condom is to be used. Using K-Y jelly or surgilube for lubrication during intercourse is much better.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its properties as a moisturizing agent. The gel can be used to provide you with relief from dry vagina. Consuming oat straw regularly can help in treating vaginal dryness as it lowers the levels of sugar in the blood and reduces stress and anxiety.

One remedy that can particularly help in case if the vaginal dryness is due to menopause is soaking fenugreek seeds in water and then boiling it for about 15 minutes. Consuming this water after cooling is beneficial in dry vagina.