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Easy Tips To Remove Protein Film From Contact Lenses

By on September 21, 2011

Contact LensesTears are the natural cleansing and moisturizing mechanism of our eyes. They play a crucial role in the maintaining overall health of these most important sense organs. However, when contact lenses are used, over the time this continuous flow of tears cause a deposition of protein film over their surface. When we cry with the increased volume of tears the amount of this deposition also increases.

The result is opacity of contact lenses causing blurry and hazy vision. This protein is present in the tears itself and this is of two types-native and denatured. While native proteins are easily removed by simple contact lens solutions, denatured proteins are comparatively tougher to get rid of. Here below we discuss the removal process of both native and denatured proteins from the surface of contact lenses.

Tips To Remove Protein Film From Contact Lenses

Removal Of Native Protein

The native protein is transparent and quite easy to remove. The first step before cleaning your contact lenses is proper and thorough washing of your hands. This will negate the chances of transferring potentially harmful microbes on the lenses. Now take out the contacts from your eyes and clean with saline solution using your fingers individually.

Hand Wash

When the superficial protein is cleaned replace the lenses in a fresh saline solution. Add a drop of protein remover to the saline solution and let the lens remain submerged for some time.  Now take them out of the cleanser and wash thoroughly with fresh neutral saline solution to remove the remaining traces of the protein. Try them on to see if they are completely clean otherwise itching or irritation of eyes may result.

Saline Solution

Conversely, you may also apply the drops of protein remover directly on the surface of the lenses. Rub with your fingers to clean the protein film. When bubbles appear due to rubbing rinse it off with neutral saline water. Take care never to let the protein remover come in direct contact with your eyes.

Removal Of Denatured Protein

Denatured protein cause an opaque and blurry film to come over the surface of your lens and is comparatively harder to clean off. This is how you can get it effectively done. Clean your hands and take out the contact lenses from your eyes. Put them in the basket provided with the protein remover taking care that the lens is placed completely inside the basket, now place the basket in a cup filled with the protein remover in such a way that the basket is completely submerged in the solution.

Cleaning Kit

Put on the cap provided with the cup and tighten it. Now shake the closed cup containing the lenses gently so that the solution is uniformly distributed over the lens surface. Keep for about 2 hours and take the lenses out after that time. Clean the whole system thoroughly with neutral saline water. Now fill the cup with saline solution. Again put the lens in the basket and submerge completely in the cup. Make it air tight and let it sit overnight for a complete cleaning.