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Factors Affecting Relationships

By on May 15, 2009

Human beings are essentially social animals and our personalities follow greatly from our abilities to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships. A common background is essentially for an interpersonal relationship to blossom and its loss might lead to the end of the relationship.

Over the course of our life, we learn to establish different relationships, with different values, expectations and commitments. It is not necessary for all relationships to be based on love. There are some relationships that we learn to make right from the time that we take birth, there are others that need to have social sanction and a third kind that requires legal sanction.

Psychologists firmly believe that our relationships are deeply affected by several occurrences from our childhood. This belief is backed by years of study by notable scientists and psychologists. We begin to emotionally grow as soon as we learn to differentiate ourselves from our surroundings. The first contact of course, is with our family. We learn our first values and receive our first social instructions through those that are closest to us – parents, siblings and extend family.

As we grow older, the impact of our relationships with our immediate environment becomes apparent. If a child, for example, receives less attention or negative attention during the childhood, their emotional growth becomes stunted and they are able to relate less with their surroundings and their peers. Ideally, a child in a healthy environment learns to have normal social relationships. Children from broken or violent families however, often demonstrate inability to form meaningful or non-abusive relationships.

Relationships are not always healthy. The interpersonal dynamics are so complicated that the smallest shift in power in a relationship can have a lasting impact on the two involved.

Generally, the accepted norm in the society for more intimate relationships is monogamy. This means that two people involved in a relationship should ideally have sexual relationships only with each other. Society frowns upon people who cultivate sexual intimacy outside of their intimate relationship.