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Feather Cut Hair

By on January 7, 2009

Feather cut is the currently the most popular kind of hair cut. It is trendy as it gives one chic and modish look. This kind of hair cut suits women with straight hair. The hair cut is itself the manifestation of its name that is the feather. The hair is so cut that it resembles the shape of a feather. The cut begins from the ear and is cut in layers.

The main reason of cutting the hair in such manner is because it becomes manageable. One does not have to make much effort to fashion and dress the hair. The best part is that one can stay away from hair cut for 6-7 weeks. In other words it is popularly known as a cut that has no or very low maintenance.

Another advantage is that it adds femininity and character to the entire personality. It adds more to the delicacy and also enhances the beauty of the neckline. One can style the hair in a jiffy with a simple middle parting and can let the hair down in style.

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Another way is by turning the hair sideways, simply left loose. Or else can clasp it on one side with a hair brocade or clip. Or else just curl the side locks or ends with hot iron curlers and be a game for the occasion. You can even experiment it by coloring the end with flashy red or pink, but see that you have the panache to carry such vibrant colors.

Another way is by subtly highlighting the hair and look like a diva. You can even roll or curl the hair inside out or outside in and can create variation. For some, hair constantly falling over the face can be painful; such people should avoid getting this kind of hair cut and can opt for some other hairstyle that is manageable.