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First time sex – Making your girl feel special

By on April 22, 2010

Sex for the first time can be exciting. But there are certain issues that haunt a girl before she takes that leap. As a doting partner, one must make his girl feel good, special and secure. We tell you how to do that. Read on to know some tips on how to make your girl feel good when having sex for the first time.Tell her how much you love her: Yes, this is the most important part. Before starting off, you must tell your partner as to how much you love her. This will indeed make her feel very special. Starting off without a proper mood or feeling will be very dull and can also make the girl feel used. Don’t forget to remind her how much you love her.

Foreplay: This is a part when the girl feels the best. Men usually do not wish to indulge too much in foreplay and prefer starting off with the under-the-belt part. But foreplay for a girl is truly a great feeling. This also helps girls arouse properly and contributes to the overall sexual pleasure.So, be romantic and explore each others’ body.Make sure that foreplay lasts at least for 15 minutes till the girl is properly aroused.

Be experimental: First time sex will be fun if you love to experiment. Instead of the typical position, try a different one. The women on top and wheelbarrow positions are famous ones.

Smell good: This is the most important point. You wouldn’t wish to smell foul when you first time have sex, would you?You can take a shower before you hit the bed to feel fresh.Light some good aroma candles as girls love them.

Do it softly: Men usually love it wild; but being wild on your first sex can be very risky. A girl is sensitive when a virgin. So, be soft and romantic.

Remember these tips before you indulge in your first time sex. It can be fun, if you know how to do it right. Follow these tips and your partner will be more than happy to have had you!