Five Ways To Avoid Getting Wrinkles On Your Face

Five Ways To Avoid Getting Wrinkles On Your Face

Five Ways To Avoid Getting Wrinkles On Your Face Development of wrinkles is a woeful side effect of aging and aging is an intended aspect of life. The two are closely unavoidable but wrinkles to a significant extent can be delayed by several measures which could be both everyday and/or surgical techniques (such as face lifts, botox, fillers etc.)

To act upon the wrinkle worries it becomes important to analyse the causes of wrinkle formation. To speak of the causatives sun bags a considerable share of the blame. Also coming up against wrinkles one might as well adopt a proactive (preventive) approach compared to reactive approaches. Let’s look at five corrective habits that will go a long way in combating the wrinkle woe.

Tips To Avoid Getting Wrinkles On Your Face


You might be surprised at the difference a thoughtful diet can make towards this concern. First off, avoiding consumption of food with high sugar content, this is because sugar metabolism (processing) has damaging effect on proteins like collagen and elastin that are responsible for elasticity of skin.


While on the other hand increasing consumption of antioxidant rich food such as berries and also fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. Not to forget consumption of beverages such as green tea and jasmine tea have unmatched effect on battling wrinkles by means of overcoming the presence of free radicals on the surface.


No matter how hard one tries ’Sun’ is something that seems to get all, hence the expression ‘Nothing new under the Sun.’ Interaction of UV radiations with skin generates free radicals that lead to wrinkling of skin. To begin with and the best that one could do is minimise exposure to sun, either by means of limiting outings and/or reducing the area of contact (between sun and the skin) by ample body coverage (Clothes, umbrella, hats, sunglasses etc.)

Along with those one major act that one should not let past is the act of applying sunscreen, most definitely, prior to sun exposure and in addition to that giving room to sunscreens in daily skin care routine. If you want to really diminish chances of wrinkles, using sunscreens irrespectively (sunny or not) would be a major, real smart move.

Refraining from Injurious Habits

Deterious habits such as consumption of toxic beverages like alcohol and inhaling smoke by means of smoking cigarettes are two major causatives (after sun) of wrinkles. The act increases the presence of free radicals upon the skin surface, these radicals are highly reactive and bring about damage to the collagen of skin.

Avoid Alcohol

Toxicity within the body also has detrimental effect on surface tissues. There may not be a better way to improvise upon this situation other than by quitting these habits totally. Especially with age the skin loses its ability to repair and simultaneously such addictions gain leverage and become harder to quit.

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Skincare Regime

Discipline, routine or regimes are part of every success story. Even in this matter it is advisable to adopt an appropriate skincare routine.

Skincare Regime

Cleansing of skin for removal of undesirable agents followed by moisturising are two major areas of focus. Moisturising skin is nourished skin and has lesser chances of contracting wrinkles as compared dry skin.

Healthy Lifestyle

Studies show people with active lifestyle or the ones engaging in any sort of fitness routines have lesser probability of developing wrinkles earlier, as compared to the people having no or insignificant physical activity. One reason for this is because exercise increases blood circulation throughout the body, which there by promotes ample cell growth and renewal which in return makes the skin flexible and supple.

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