Forehead Wrinkles

With the gradual passage of time the skin looses its sheen and elasticity. One can easily see from the visible lines and creases that appear on the face, particularly on the forehead, neck and eyes. Genes, type of skin and other factors like occupation, environment and lifestyle also attributes to it.

Lines that appear of face are asymmetrical. This is because people smile or sulk more in one side. Apart from this a persons sleeping habit and his resting position in right or left also determines the wrinkle formation on face.

Reasons of development of forehead wrinkles:-
Sun exposures, injuries, surgical factors, problems of acne, movements of muscles, smoking habit, gravitational pull are also major factors. The epidermis losses its ability to retain the moisture and the middle layer also gets thickened in irregular manner. UV rays, toxins like tobacco and environmental exposure also makes the matter worse.

The lines that appear on forehead are deeper in nature. They are also called as furrows and they can be either static or dynamic. The static lines remain as such and the change or movement of muscles doesn’t alter their position, while the dynamic ones are on account of facial muscles.

A forehead line develops when the frontalis muscle contracts with the hoisting up of the eyebrows. When the forehead sags to a great extent and falls over the eyebrows covering the eyelids, this condition is known as Brow Ptosis. This makes the eyes look droopy.

Prevention of forehead wrinkles:-
Shun smoking. Do not over expose the body in the sun. Replenish and nourish the skin with generous amount of moisturizer. Wash the face with Luke warm water daily twice. The cleanser should be gentle. Protect the face with sun blocks. Make use of creams with goodness of natural ingredients like, aloe Vera, vitamin C and other plant extracts.

Treatment of forehead wrinkles:-
The botulinum toxin is capable in paralyzing the muscle that leads to forehead lines and creases. Another way of getting rid of them is with surgeries and lifts.

And finally take proper care of the skin.

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