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Friendship: Solutions to Commonly Faced Conflicts

By on October 7, 2009

Friendship is rightly called the “king of all relationships”. And why not? Friendship is purity personified; the most pure of all relationships on earth. But often people face a lot of emotional imbalance or unhappiness in friendship. Are all friends for real? Resolving friendship related problems can be complicated. We offer you help through our article. Our expert counselor offers solutions to some chosen and common friendship problems which most of us can relate to. Read on to know more.

Problem 1: You talk to your friend all the time on the phone. You meet up and have a good time. Eventually, your friend becomes indispensable in your life. Someone, you just can’t do without. You think you are in love. This is where the problem starts. You try to detach yourself from your friend and the latter being completely unaware as to what you are up to. What do you do now?

Solution: Friendship sure can graduate into love, but not always. You need to be sure of your feelings. Ask yourself about it. Detaching yourself from your friend will complicate things even more. Instead, talk it out with your friend. A friend will surely understand you. It’s better late than never. Do not complicate thing by behaving weird. Be practical.

Problem 2: Your friend scores well in academics. You fail to score that good. You have a weird feeling of jealousy in you. You understand that this is wrong, but can’t help thinking about it. Inferiority complex or just jealousy? You are confused.

Solution: Well. The problem is ego. Ego doesn’t necessarily mean jealousy. It’s just a feeling or insecurity. You need to overcome it by making efforts to prove yourself. Take your friend as a competitor but not as an opponent. The two has a difference. Try to make your own mark instead of being jealous or insecure about your friend. Take your friend as a mark which you have to exceed and see how things will turn your way!

These problems are the common ones which most friends face. If you relate to these, you’ve got the solution now! We will be back with more of these friendship problems and their expert solutions!