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Getting over Headaches

By on January 19, 2009

Some headaches may not be dangerous but can be very painful and disrupt your old age. Here are some different types of headaches and there solutions:

Tension of the face, scalp and neck muscles can cause irritation in the nerves resulting in headaches. You need to relax your muscles to release the pain. Take a pain killer; you can also relax the muscles by massage or using hot compress to the forehead or the base of the skull. Try to find the reason and ways to eliminate stress.  Sometimes sudden exposure to extreme climate also leads to head aches.

Allergies and infections cause swelling in the sinus tissues leading to headaches. If the cause is infection then a course of antibiotics will be required but incase of allergies you can take anti thestamine. Best way to treat any allergy is to avoid the problem substance. You can also check with your doctor about prescription drugs.

Dilation of blood vessels of neck and head can lead to migraine headaches. It is one of the most common types of headache. It can be accompanied by visual disturbances and nausea. Migraines can’t be cured but they can be controlled. There are certain medicines which give temporary relief.

There are two types of headaches- primary and secondary. Primary headaches are not life threatening and resolve quickly.

You can feel better by simple changes in life style. Diet high in caffeine, cheese, chocolates and nuts can also cause headaches in some people. Other reasons could be- dehydration or weak eyesight. However, if there is vomiting, fever or blurring of the vision with headache then you must consult a doctor immediately.

Remember, do not take headaches lightly, especially the ones that lasts for too long. A small head ache could indicate to several problems that as immatures, we do not understand.