How Love Affects Your Health

Love is what moves the world they say. The impact that the warmth of love has on a person is profound and has found its way in poetry and prose. Love has had profound effects on the history of world. As human beings, we have been shaped in many ways by love.

Since love has such long lasting effects on every aspect of humanity, there is little doubt that it affects the health of a person too. Recent research has revealed that the ups and downs of relationships and love have several effects on health. The multitude of emotions that a person faces while in love can have detrimental effects on the psychology of a person.

A person who is deeply moved by their emotions might feel loss or increase in appetite as their position in love changes. For example, on meeting a great young man, a single woman will be happy, triggering various hormones in her body, increasing her appetite and doing all sorts of good things for the body. However, when she breaks up with this new found love, she feels immense sadness. Sweating increases, so does stress and strain on the heart.

Depression and elation both have direct bearing on the blood pressure of a person. Continued depression can result in a complete loss of appetite and low blood pressure. Pupils dilate, heart beats decrease and risk of heart problems increases. Regular trepidation can cause increase in the levels of adrenaline that is secreted into the blood and that could have lot of negative effects. It has also been found out that the brain can be rendered deficient because of love. Love decreases the alertness in the brain cells that initiate critical thought.

This however does not mean that love is a negative phenomenon. It has also been found out that those who receive a lot of love live longer and healthier lives because they are happier.

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