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How Old is Too Old in a Relationship?

By on May 13, 2009

They say love is blind. Love doesn’t see anything – color, race, sex or age. Why then, is the running theme of love only for the young? Why do people raise their eyebrows when two elderly people fall in love and plan to start a different life together? At the fag end of their life, are elderly people not entitled to nurture romantic thoughts?

The old people in our life are the basis of who we are and it was because of them that we even exist. As time passes, however, we tend to become oblivious to the fact that they too are in fact human beings just like us. Till the time we ourselves become old, we never realize that old people too might want to experience love the same way young people do. While we might shudder at the thought of our elderly family members having intercourse or enjoying casual sex, it is after all real.

The desire for intimacy doesn’t disappear just because we get older. In fact, it grows stronger with age and there comes a time when the elderly, after losing their partners, want romance and companionship. It is not uncommon for elderly residents of nursing homes and facilities for the elderly have romantic inclinations towards their peers. What is surprising though is how quickly they become object of controversies or sometimes even ridicule among their own families.

By no means does love life have to slow down with age. At no point of time are you too old to be in love. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet like minded people and there is no reason to back down only because you have attained a certain age. Dating is not only about having sexual relations with someone. It is also about friendship and companionship.

Just know that you are never too old to start over. That in fact is nothing but an old cliche. You can keep evolving your relationships as you grow old. In fact there are so many young people nowadays who actively seek older people to be in a relationship with. You have a lot more life experience than you had when you first began dating and things could only get better.