How To Arouse The Passion Of Every Woman

There are different ways to arouse a woman. If you have been in a bit of a slump in the bed then here are some quick ways to get her wild so that she could get a sexual eruption:

Ways To Arouse The Passion Of Every Woman

Take her Out for a Formal Dinner Date

Dress in the best suit you’ve got and take her out to a romantic dinner. Women love men in suits. It is a big turn on to women if a man knows how to dress and carry himself. Men can be sexy in their own way and be irresistible to women. Moreover, the soft candle light, romantic songs and some good wine will put her in the mood to get really close to you.

Bathe Together

Take a bath together. Fill the tub with some scented oils or bath salts, light some candles and play romantic music. Let her go in first and relax for a few minutes then slip in with her. There is plenty of opportunity for love making when you are sitting so close in your birthday suits.

Give her an Erotic Massage

Massage her whole body touching and rubbing her goodies with oil. It will drive her wild. Let your imagination take over and make sure you rub every part of her body “WELL”.

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Touch and Caress Her

Foreplay is an important part if you really want to arouse your girl. Touch and caress her not only on her sensitive parts but also on other parts of her body like her neck, shoulder, inside of her thighs and of course on her very sensitive private parts to arouse her. Give her what she wants and let her enjoy.

Talk Dirty

Don’t be too cheap for her comfort, but talk dirty. Tell her things you want to do to her. Let her also participate. The best way to arouse a woman is to make her think of the sexual topic as much and as often as possible. Drive her into a mental movie where her thoughts are dominated by sex and she slowly starts to get aroused. This will leave her wanting to be with you in the bed.