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How To Attract A Man Over The Phone

By on October 17, 2011

How To Attract A Man Over The PhoneAttracting a man over the phone may sound like a cakewalk to you but in reality it is just not the case. In fact, attracting a man over the phone is much tougher than attracting someone in person.

When you try to attract a man over the phone all you have is your voice to use as the weapon to make him fall for you. So you must know the right tactics that would help you to attract him towards yourself. If you want to know more about attracting a man over the phone and learn the tricks to draw him towards yourself then simply read on.

Ways For Attracting A Man Over The Phone

The Voice Quality

The very first thing that a person would notice over the phone is your voice. If your voice is harsh, rough or too high pitched then the person on the other side of the call will want to end the conversation at the earliest possible out of a sort of disgust. So keep your pitch or volume under control.

The Voice Quality

Make your voice sound soft, sweet and pleasant. Talk in a charming and confident manner. If suitable, make your tone a little flirty or downright sexy and seductive. While talking to him make yourself comfortably seated and relaxed. Keep smiling throughout the conversation. He may not be able to see the smile that you put on but that would certainly reflect in your voice and tone and make him feel more comfortable, welcome as well as interested in you.

The Conversation – What And What Not To Say

Do not talk to him about mundane life or narrate him about your entire day’s routine or activities. Though you can surely let him know how you felt during different occasions during the day and share some particular interesting experience. Make sure to steer clear from boring facts and descriptions.

Make him comfortable and engage him in the conversation. Encourage him to speak and share more about himself, his interests, likings, passion, etc. Show interest in him and his words and listen to him with attention and interest while he is speaking.

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Ask him questions to show that you are interested to know more about him. But do not keep repeating your questions or ask things like how his day went, what he had for lunch, etc. Also try to avoid any question relating to his work. Let him relax and enjoy talking to you. Let the conversation flow naturally.

The Conversation – What And What Not To Say

Compliments and appreciation can go a long way in attracting him to you. While you compliment him for his looks, personality, habits or interests, you make yourself more desirable to him. A good sense of humor can help you a lot in attracting a man over the phone. Share a decent joke that he can laugh at. Make the conversation interesting, fun and enjoyable.

Other Factors That Contribute In Attracting A Man

Let him know who you are and what you are but not all at one go. Reveal yourself slowly. Make yourself mysterious to him. Surprise him now and then by disclosing some positive facts or traits about yourself. Let him know that you have all the qualities that a man desires in a woman like being sensitive, caring, adventurous, fun-loving, funny, intellectual, sexy, etc. All these will draw him to you like iron is drawn to a magnet. He will crave to know and discover more about you.