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How to be a Perfect Sex Partner?

By on March 16, 2009

Sex is the biggest driving force in life alongside money, and having abundance in either or both paves way for a blissful life. Sex demands perfection into all the facets of individuality as it’s the act wherein thoroughness only wins the points. Perfection also plays its part in the sexual acts you engage with the partner, and even the partners keep aspiring for a perfect and ideal sex soul.

There would not be any gains once the sex life is not stimulated and added with the passion and spark the partner really needs. And getting into the act well without having being completeness might mar the chances of getting to the climax.

It’s all about having perfection not in the art but also in all the personal traits to enjoy the sex at its best. By having certain traits, you too could become a perfect sex partners, like:

Have a clean and tidy body
The first and foremost thing you can do is to engage in the act after having a clean and tidy body to further stir up the partner. Once the comfort level is there owing to the hygiene, only then perfection rules in the sex with more intensity and vigor.

Proceed as per the mood of partner
The sex perfection can also be achieved by moving along in the act after aptly sensing the needs, desires and mood of the partner. Once the demand is of intensity and passion, then filling the sex with the same enriches the partners no end.  And even don’t hesitate to explore further by chipping in oral doses of sex to please the partner further.

Be open to go to any length
The best part would be your openness and exploration that will surely make the sessions and acts like a dream come true for the partners. Don’t ever show any sort of hesitation in showcasing certain innovative skills in the bed, as anything new would win the day and make you the perfect sex partner.

Try being in the shape
You know what the shape stands for here and getting down to the immense pleasure of sex would ask for a perfect shape as well. Having a fine shape gets your rightly into the body of the partners, and leaves them craving for more.

Behave like a wild herd
Pouring out all the fantasies one after another into the act would reveal other facets of yours and make you truly endearing.