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How To Be Patient?

By on January 27, 2009

Patience is a virtue every one of us wants to possess. Impatience can really drive us to our limits, exhausting us mentally and physically. The fast contemporary world demands us to have tolerance for relationships, the right job, the right mate and what not. Hence, if we learn to take it easy, we will live life much more joyfully.

To be more patient you need to first figure out what’s causing you to hurry so much. Is it a tight to-do list? If so, then make sure you give yourself a breather and only do as much as you can, without stressing out and rushing. Remember, haste is waste. It will only cause you to become intolerant and irritable. However, if the tasks in hand are absolutely a ‘must-do’, then rather than putting all the work on yourself, delegate responsibility to others.

The most effective way of gaining patience is by changing your point of view about life. Our lifestyles have a crucial role to play in our tolerance level. For that matter, stop living a very fast lifestyle, slow down and enjoy every moment of life. Make sure you spend an hour of every day meditating. Meditation is a great way to relax and increase your tolerance level.

Also, you need to be well aware of the events that trigger impatience in you. Knowing your weak points can help you control the problem. After knowing the events you can analyze why they cause impatience. There is always a reason for your behavior. Get to the depth of it.

Be mature with things. Accept the fact that you will not always see results instantly, things take time to happen. Acceptance of this little fact will help you deal with situations without getting jittery and impatient.

Learn to let go. The problem with some of us is that we will continue doing something we are not being able to do. The frustration of not being able to complete it causes impatience. Hence, learn to let go.  It’s good that you like to see things off till the end but sometimes it’s absolutely fine to leave them in the middle and focus on something you are good at.