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How To Build Muscle & Lose Fat For Women

By on August 5, 2011

Build Muscle & Lose Fat For WomenIn today’s day and age everyone wants to look good and attractive. It’s the right of every human being to not only look good but stay fit at the same time. Women are no different. In fact women tend to take greater care about their appearance. They are getting more and more into multiple diet programs and multiple exercise programs to remain in good health and look strong.

Exercises are a great way to stay fit. Exercises can be of various types depending on the capacity and necessity of each individual. But exercises can not only make your body look good and build muscles a proper and timely diet is essential for muscle building especially in the case of women.

Ways To Build Muscle & Lose Fat For Women

What To Do In The Beginning?

Firstly, to begin with, it is an absolute necessity for any woman who wants to lose fat and build muscles to follow a strict and balanced diet. The diet shall comprise of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and loads of water. At the beginning of the exercise program it is very essential to warm up the body before hitting the weights. Warming up mainly comprises of cardio-vascular exercises mainly jogging, running, skipping etc up to an approximate time of 15-20 minutes.

Balanced Diet

One thing must be kept in mind before building muscles and loosing fat. Muscles generally comprise of lots of water and provide strength to the body. Fats on the other hand are mainly a covering of the body that is generated due to the fact of  over gaining of  calories, but not burning them to the proper extent and limit causes them to stay stuck  to the body and is mostly used by the body when in need.

Diet Nutrition

Normally diet should comprise of the following items on a day to day basis:-

1.  In the beginning the diet should comprise low calorie foodstuffs. The diet should be 20% protein, 10% fats, 50% carbohydrates and 1 liter of water a day.

2.  After a certain period of time when the body is quiet low on fat then diet should be 30% protein, 20% fats, 60% carbohydrates and water.

3.  When muscles are developed to maintain then the diet should have 70% protein.

Protein Enriched Diet:-

Meat, fish, eggs an approximation of 1gram protein is required everybody.

Carbohydrates Enriched Diet:-

Rice, Wheat, Potato etc. It should be 100grams per day.

Fat Enriched Diet:-

Omega Fatty Acids: fish oil, saturated oil.

How To Build Muscle For Women

Generally a man has large secretions of the hormone testosterone as compared to women. The muscle development is mainly initiated with the testosterone level. To build muscles the women shall have to follow the same training programs followed by men.

 Strength training

Strength training is the key to this. The training program should comprise  more of weight lifting. Especially for women who are not beginners. Not meant for beginners. The results will be quiet obvious with increasing muscle mass, bone density, low fat.

How To Lose Fat For Women

Many women do not have the desire from the heart to get into gym and work out in order to get a good body and less fat. In the process of attaining such standard they undergo LIPOSUCTION a surgery for removing fat from selected portions of the body.

Lose Fat

This is not a good thing to do as this stands to be fake and not real. Plus it affects the body to a great extent. So the best way to lose fat is by doing exercises especially cardio exercises and weight training exercises. Plus a healthy and balanced diet is definitely necessary.

Problems For Aged Women Especially 35-40

Women of the age 35-40 have less bone strength so it becomes extremely difficult for them to indulge themselves in to exercises. They prefer going for surgeries or taking weight loss pills, etc. However there is nothing to lose heart they can strengthen themselves up by following a good diet. Many women suffer from osteoporosis and they can actually help themselves by strength training and attaining fitness.

How To Keep Motivating Yourself

Exercises are not easy to continue especially for women. Many women get frustrated when they see that results are not coming in their favor. They find it difficult to motivate themselves in continuing with this task. So an easy way to keep motivational levels going is to follow your routine and keep a track of your body.

Keep Motivating Yourself

This can be done by taking pictures of one’s own self in every 4 weeks, Blood testing, weight strength, and fat measurements. Many times women expect a lot when they go in for exercises and this happens mainly when they see certain magazines telling them that they can get fit in 8 weeks. Well all this is not true. It is essential to keep on persisting with the exact programs as needed.

List Of Certain Strength Exercises

Squats, dead lifts, overhead press and of course chin ups. These are the exercises that women require to do especially for building the muscle mass.

Keep Yourself Fit

Although it may seem to everybody that keeping themselves fit is quiet easy but actually it’s a tough ask for any individual it requires tremendous willingness to do this. Sometimes over exercise can lead to calorie reduction which may lead to vulnerability to many diseases and also weakness to perform many works. The body could also feel the effects of losing a humungous amount of calorie and may shrink down. So it is very important for any individual especially women to maintain the diet and food that they eat.

Keep Yourself Fit

If you eat well you will stay fit. It may also be noted that the amount of calorie that women lose per day should be filled up as per requirements. Another important aspect to look for is the ability to do the exercises in the correct way and each and every time one should have well trained personnel to help out every time. There should be proper balance of work, exercise and food in order to have a good body, good health and a good personality.