How To Cure Canker Sores At Home

How To Cure Canker Sores At Home

Canker Sores Canker sore is a kind of small ulcer that actually occurs in the lining of the mouth. There are many people who are suffering from canker sores silently and eager to get rid of it. These are not deadly but very sensitive and painful. The people with this disease have to face discomfort at the time of talking and eating as this ulcer affects the internal tissues of the mouth.

The people of every age group can be affected by canker sores. It can be developed into critical and more painful disease if let untreated for long time. You should take proper treatment to get rid of it for ever. There are many kinds of medications available to cure this disease completely. The remedies and treatments depend on the sensitivity and type of canker sores. Side by side you can also go for taking home remedies that are really able to cure canker sores for ever without creating any side effect.

Ways To Cure Canker Sores At Home

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate and saltwater solution are the most effective remedies to treat canker sores effectively. Make a mixture of one cup water and 1 tsp pure salt. Take this solution in your mouth and swish properly for at least 30 seconds. To get quick result you can add ½ tsp sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to the saline solution and swish it after taking in your mouth.

Baking Soda

Make a paste with few drops of pure water and baking soda and apply over affected area. This is a useful remedy that can reduce the pain. Repeat this method for several times in a day. The bacteria and alkalinity in the mouth can be reduced effectively if you use sodium bicarbonate and saline.

Effectiveness Of Hydrogen Perioxide

A mixture of pure water and hydrogen peroxide is a preventive remedy for canker sores. Apply this solution onto the affected area directly. Remember not to swallow this solution as this can create side effects. The amount of bacteria can be reduced easily as hydrogen peroxide is considered as an antiseptic.

Hydrogen Perioxide

It is recommended to apply milk of magnesia onto the affected area with a cotton swab. Remember to apply it only after using hydrogen peroxide solution. Within a short period of time you will get relief from pain after applying this solution for thrice day. Canker sores can also be cured faster if you rinse your with a mixture of one part diphenhydramine, and one part milk of magnesia.

Other Home Remedies

Some other home remedies can also be used to cure canker sores permanently. Within a short period of time you will get positive result by rinsing your mouth with aloe juice thrice a day. It is best to put some alum directly on the affected area.

Aloe Vera

It is helpful to quicken healing and relieve the pain. Side by side you can also rinse your mouth with a mixture of 5 drops of good quality grapefruit seeds extract and a glass of water. All these home remedies are really very effective to cure canker sores without creating any side effect. You can go to talk with a doctor regarding this problem.

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