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How To Deal With Severe Hair Breakage

By on August 6, 2011

Hair BreakageWe all know how it feels to observe bald patches and thinning hairline on our scalp. It’s a feeling which makes you disgusted as well as worried, at the same time. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be to go out in public with such a condition where you have tried your level best to cover up those bald patches but couldn’t make it happen. Moreover, we all understand how painful it is to see yourself in front of the mirror with a thin hair which used to be thick and shiny, once upon a time. It’s frightening!

Instead of finding out more bald patches on your scalp and going mad, you must opt for a self examination and confirm yourself about the condition you are suffering from. Remember, hair breakage is a symptom, which of course has a reason behind its occurrence. Your job is to find out the cause as the first step and then handle the matter accordingly. Before we move further to give you some advices on dealing with the problem, we will help you know the cause of this problem. After all, if you know the reason behind a crisis, you will be able to deal with it more specifically.

Finding Out The Reason Behind Hair Breakage

Not many of us know that everyday a normal individual loses 100-200 strands of hair. You might feel that it’s a huge amount, but it’s actually nothing as compared to the number of strands you have on your scalp. Everyday, when you lose one hair, a new strand starts growing in its place. So it’s a natural and on going process- nothing to worry about. However, this problem turns into a huge trouble when hair starts falling at an alarming rate i.e. more than 200 strands each day.

Hair Fall

When you are noticing hair breakage when you move your fingers through your hair, on your hair brush, on your towel after a having a wash, on your comb after brushing your hair each time; it indicates that the problem is a bit serious. But don’t be terrified, hair breakage can be cured. You might be losing your hair either due to the internal dearth or some external causes. By internal dearth we mean- improper functioning of your internal system. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to this trouble. If you are not consuming enough amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, you are bound to suffer from skin and hair related problems. Deficiency of minerals like iron, silica and zinc can also be the reason. If vitamins like Vitamin B and E are absent from you entire day’s diet then this may also lead to hair breakage. If you don’t include any of the above said vitamins, minerals and nutrients, be sure that it’s your diet which is resulting into hair breakage.

Drink Water

Eat more green leafy veggies, nuts, flaxseed oil, etc. and have plenty of water throughout the day. Sometimes the causes can also be external. Excessive use of chemical based hair products, heat and pollution can make your hair weak. Other than that, constant use of dryers, straightners and curling irons can also become a major reason behind hair breakage. These hair styling tools emit a lot of heat and radiation which makes our hair dry, fizzy, rough and weak; as a result it becomes prone to breakage. If nothing from the above seems to be the reason behind it, consult your health care provider and go for a thorough checkup.  It might indicate an internal issue or some medication. Once you find out the root of the problem, its time for you to work on it and opt for some remedies. Here are some natural solutions to your hair breakage problem:

Home Remedies To Cure Hair Breakage

We know that your hair breakage problem is bothering you but many of you may not want to go for expensive hair treatments. For them, we have listed some natural home remedies which will improve the strength of hair and will protect it from breakage. Olive oil is very essential for the overall health of our hair. It contains vitamins and all the nutrients that enhance the growth and development of hair. For the best olive oil treatment for hair, mix one egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Olive Oil

Mix these two ingredients in a bowl with the help of a fork. Once these ingredients are properly mixed and becomes frothy, apply it on your wet hair. You must concentrate on applying this only on the tips of your hair and avoid your scalp. Keep this mixture on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. You can adopt this remedy once in a week. Another olive oil treatment for hair breakage involves hot oil treatment.

Vitamin E Capsules

For this all you need to do is heat a few drops of olive oil and coconut oil and apply the warm oil mixture on your hair (from scalp to the tip). Vitamin E capsules also work well for hair breakage problem. You have to directly apply 6 of these capsules to your hair after mixing them with a shampoo. The above remedies serve as a temporary relief from hair breakage. These remedies may not be as perfect as treatment procedure and medications that are formulated to give you a long term relief.

How To Prevent Hair Breakage?

To keep your hair away from becoming weak and frizzy you must wash your hair thrice a weak with a mild shampoo and a branded conditioner. Go for herbal treatments like hot oil treatments, coconut oil massage, etc. Try to avoid chemical based hair products and gels. Avoid artificial heat treatments if your hair is brittle and thin; these treatment may make the situation worse.

Coconut Oil

You might feel like styling your hair quite often. If it is very necessary you can go for perming but don’t do them often. If you have split ends, trim your hair after every 2 months. In addition to that, avoid combing your hair when they it is wet; let it dry and then comb it, preferably with a wooden comb or a soft hair brush.