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How To Get Rid Of Swollen Ankles

By on July 8, 2010

Swollen AnklesSwollen ankles are common problem, especially in pregnant women. But apart from pregnant women, swelling can occur in any person at any age. When fluid in tissues accumulates in excess amount, it causes the organs containing those tissues to get enlarged which are known as swelling (and also known as edema). Swollen ankles cause pain which can disrupt your regular routine and cause a lot of inconvenience in doing your job.

Reasons for ankles swelling are many. Too much consumption of salt or sodium in your diet can swell your ankles. Obesity is one of the major causes of swollen ankles. Neuromuscular disorders too cause this problem. Women who take contraceptives may also suffer from swollen ankles. Ankles can also swell if your system does not circulate fluid in sufficient quantity. Given below are some tips to get rid of swollen ankles.

You can get rid of swollen ankles if you eat healthy diet (foods rich in vitamins and minerals) because due to malnutrition also people are affected with this problem. To get rid of swollen ankles, don’t keep standing for a long period because standing too long is also one of the causes of ankle swelling.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is needed for people whose swelling has become chronic. When your tissues receive heat, they become loose and relaxed. But you have to be alert while using heat when your case has become chronic. To prevent burns, you should heat for shorter duration. Many people leave heating pad for long periods which is not good from the point of safety. Avoid heat treatments while sleeping.

Take Rest

Many people suffer from swollen ankles due to some sort of injury which can also cause ankle sprains. In such cases you should consult an orthopedic doctor. In case of ankle injury, you need to take complete rest first. You need to avoid any physical activity for two days after ankle injury and swelling. Do not put much weight or stress on your ankles. Use crutch!

Avoid Smoking

You need to give ice pack treatment too so that you can get some relief. But don’t give ice treatment for more than twenty minutes at a time. To get relief from pain and swelling, avoid smoking. Keep yourself hydrated with water or fruit juices. When you are lying, keep your legs elevated above your heart. Consult your doctor if problem persists for too long.