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How To Get Rid Of Vertigo

By on September 4, 2010

VertigoVertigo is medically known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It is a disorder which makes you feel dizzy and you may feel that the world around you is spinning or moving. People often get confused and think that dizziness and vertigo are the same problem. But this is not true. Vertigo differs from dizziness. Vertigo is just an illusion of movement. And causes of vertigo are relatively low as compared to the causes of dizziness.

Though vertigo is not a serious disorder, the sudden dizziness related to vertigo can lead to serious consequences like falling and causing injuries. There can be many causes of vertigo such as dehydration, sudden drop in your blood pressure, motion sickness, getting up hastily from sitting or lying down, etc. Sometimes certain medicines may also cause vertigo problem.

Vertigo usually improves by itself and can be easily treated. If you suffer from vertigo problem then the following tips on how to get rid of vertigo can prove to be beneficial for you. Natural remedies can be of great help to get rid of vertigo. It can cure you without producing any side effects. Home remedies for vertigo include the use of lemon, ginger, and gingko biloba. Breathing exercises and meditation are very helpful in controlling vertigo.

Citrus Fruits

Intake of healthy diet can help you to prevent as well as control vertigo. Consume vegetable juices and fruits, especially citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, grapefruits, lime etc. You must also consume foods rich in protein and Vitamin C. Consume strawberries, Indian gooseberries, and orange juice. Calcium, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B6 are also helpful in controlling vertigo. You should avoid eating foods that produce excessive gas in your stomach. Hence, you must avoid fast foods, fried foods, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, coffee, and refined sea salt.

Avoid Stress

If you suffer from vertigo, you should not make any sudden movements and avoid anxiety and stress. You should also stay away from using heavy equipments. Experts recommend the vertigo patients to avoid driving so that they can prevent themselves from injury.

If you feel that you are about to have vertigo, you must focus on a distant stationary object. Closing your eyes will not help you. Also, hold your head back to prevent vertigo. In case, home remedies do not work you must see a doctor. Possibly your vertigo problem could be the result of ear infection.