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How to Keep Fever Down

By on August 28, 2009

Fever is quite a common phenomenon that takes place amongst various people at different points of time. It is a common belief that fever is a kind of disease. But this is basically a wrong notion. It is just the body’s defense mechanism that starts working against any possible external threat.

A few things that need to be kept in mind following the occurrence of fever are the following:

Always try to maintain a record of everything that you do. Each time you receive or provide medication it will be better if you note it down somewhere. Whenever you check someone’s body temperature make sure you make a note of it somewhere. This organized way of working will help avert your chances of overdosing and also help you to preserve a record of it.

The first and best alternative available immediately to anyone is MOTRIN. But please note that Motrin is not advised for children below the age of 6-months. Motrin is very useful when it comes to diminishing the intensity of high fever quickly. In general, even if the high fever persists then it is the doctor’s advice to take Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours respectively. Although it is not my point to prove that I am a doctor but please make sure you do consult it with your doctor at least once as because this does not pertain to every person.

Another alternative to lower the high fever at a faster rate apart from taking in Motrin or Tylenol is by dabbing the forehead with a wet cloth or sponge dipped in luke warm water. This can be done at any hour, even when the person concerned is asleep.

You can also opt for a bath in luke warm water apart from the other usage of it just spoken of. This is also beneficial but please be careful regarding the temperature of the water. It definitely has to be luke warm or else the cold water can cause your child to go in a state of shock. Hence luke warm water is extremely important.

If it is your child that is suffering from high fever make sure you take off his/her diaper. Actually the lesser clothes worn the better it gets.