How To Keep Your Husband Happy In Bed

Keep Your Husband Happy In Bed The key to a successful marriage is to keep your husband happy in bed.This is where most women fail, as with time sex becomes more like a chore to most women. It is very important to lighten up your sex lives for a healthy marriage.There are a lot of secret desires in your man’s mind which you should fulfill to keep him loving you.

If you are unable to do that then you cannot blame him for looking for, sex outside of marriage. A survey has proved that men who are not sexually satisfied by their wives tend to get into extra marital affairsSo its time that you stop neglecting your sex life. Before it is too late start working on creating that spark that has died out. Start doing things that could make your husband happy in bed.

To begin with think of all the good times you have had in bed with your husband. Figure out what turns him on and surprise him by doing that.You can try lighting up your bedroom with candles and put flowers on your bed to surprise him.Wear a sexy outfit and wait for him to get back from work.When he comes greet him with a sensual kiss and direct him to the bedroom.

Surprise Him

Let him know that you are ready to fulfill his wildest fantasy.Turn him on by stimulating his genitals and give him the night of his life. Before your husband arrives, finish off all chores so that nothing distracts your mood.This will do wonders for your sex life and your marriage as well.

Do something wild once a while. Try on a thong or a very sexy outfit.Do not be embarrassed as, it is all for your husband.Men have weird fantasies.So find out your husband’s fantasies and surprise him.Have sex in places where he likes.


This will make him feel more joyous and he will be able to share his desires with you.Pamper him in every way you can before intercourse.Give him a massage and take your time to turn him on.It is equally important that you also enjoy sex with him.

Relax yourself and enjoy this time with your husband.Because most of the times men have orgasms when they see their partner enjoying.This also develops a sense of pride and confidence in men.It is never too late and so start off with these tips right away to keep your husband happy in bed.