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How To Stop Those Body Pains?

By on December 3, 2008

Most simple pains are due to over exertion. With a few life style changes you can find relief from chronic soreness or stings permanently. Here are some simple remedies for treating those nagging pains:

Even a dull pain in the back can be very annoying and can make it hard to do your job. Lack of fitness and flexibility can aggravate it. There is no need to panic. Take a pain killer and rest for five to seven days. You can also give hot and cold compress. Once you are better strengthen your neck and abdominal muscles. Improve your posture also. But if the backache persists even after rest then consult a doctor. In case the pain started after an accident or fall you must take a medical help immediately.

Pain in the shoulder:
Sometimes a sudden or vigorous movement can tear the muscle of the shoulder. It can restrict the movement of the shoulder. This can be very painful. Young people who are into sports like badminton, swimming, cricket or elderly people who are inactive are more prone to it. In case of pain avoid lifting heavy objects or raising your arms. But if the pain continues then medication and physiotherapy maybe required.

Pain in the neck:
Pain in the neck is generally due to a wrong posture. People who have sitting jobs are more prone to it. If you are working on a computer you should follow the rule of 30 seconds break for 30 minutes work. Try to do some strength training exercises with weights. In case of pain take a pain killer and give hot compress but if the pain is sharp and radiating to the other parts of the body or if you feel numbness then consult a doctor.

Pain in the knee:
When too much pressure is put on the cartilage of the knee joint, it becomes inflamed and causes pain. Try to straighten your knee as often as possible while sitting. You need to strengthen your thigh muscles as well as ham string but if there is locking, catching or “giving way” sensations in the knee, you may need an appointment with a doctor. It could be due to arthritis or torn cartilage.