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How To Take Care Of Your Legs?

By on October 23, 2008

Your legs are practically your best friends. They work hard, carrying you throughout your busy day but still somehow they never make it to the priority list for “things to take care of”. A beautiful and healthy pair of legs is an asset and here are a few tips to take good care of your property:

Leg exercises:
Walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are the best form of exercises for shaping the legs. Remember, the actual shape of your legs cannot be changed easily within short period of time. But you will surely get results by spending some time for your legs in your daily routine activities. Exercising will tone up your calves and strengthen your ankles, making your legs look very attractive and ofcourse increasing your stamina.

Hair removal:
There are numerous ways to remove hair on your legs. The various methods include usage of cold or hot wax strips, usage of hair removal creams, shaving etc. Hair removal gives your legs a clean and smooth look, making them really attractive. Remember, hair removal is important to avoid your legs from looking shabby.

Tender massage is another method that makes your legs smooth and beautiful. The process of leg massage contains the combination of various activities such as stroking, rubbing and stretching. In this process you should begin with massaging your foot. Massage feet and shanks, then rinse up to knee joint little by little for 5-6 times. Then start massaging toe from tip to basis and to the entire foot.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet:
Drink plenty of water and include bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your nutritional regime to help prevent constipation – straining to go to the toilet can push blood downwards into your legs, making vein problems worse.

Remember, it’s important to start looking after your legs as early as possible if you want them in a fine condition all your life.