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How to Tell if Your Friend is Interested in You

By on July 27, 2009

Sometimes you feel that a friend is interested in you or has developed a crush on you but you can’t really seem to be sure. Well, you can always look for some signs in their behavior or body language that would tell you if your friend wants to be more than just friends.

Signs in behavior:

See if your friend runs into you in the unlikely places, where you usually are but your friend hardly hangs around. They might also find ways to meet you or take you out to lunch on different pretexts.

Your friend might just be taking a little more interest in you than usual. They might start talking to you and keep finding topics to engage you. They might make future plans to get together. See if the person cancels other work to just be with you.

You friend might be a little more inquisitive about your hobbies and likes and dislikes recently. They might want to talk to your other friends as well. See if they try to be extra nice to your closest pal.

Your friend might also call you up a lot, and for random reasons. Observe whether all these phone calls somehow end up in a plan to meet soon.

Signs in body language:

If your friend is interested in you, there are some signs in the body language that can tell you for sure.

Your friend might do just what you do, like if you put your hand under your chin, he or she might also do that. If you lean back, he or she does that too.

Notice your friend’s manner of speech. He or she might blush when you look at them or jumble up words while speaking. Sweaty palms during conversation are also a telltale sign.

Usually if your friend is interested in you, he or she will sit with their arms uncrossed and facing you. A woman also crosses her legs facing a man.

He or she will be smiling at you at lot if they are interested. This along with hasty manner of speech, looking into your eyes and holding the gaze, staring at you and looking down when you look back are all telltale signs.

Notice these things in your friend to know the truth about his or her feelings.