Importance of Oral Health

We all know healthy body leads to sound mind. Similarly for a healthy body the importance of oral health cannot be neglected. In fact we can say that the oral well being is the very basis of overall health. It sometimes happens that we do not pay adequate attention to some of the body parts.

All the body parts are interlinked with one another in some way or the other. And hence proper maintenance of each and every organ is important. We fail to realize that when one part of the body gets affected the other part also gets affected. Hence Oral health basics should be followed regularly.

Some of the most common dental problems are bad breadth, gum diseases and tooth decay. When they are neglected then they turn into major mouth ailments. Thus proper care for should be taken to avoid any kind of oral condition. Also shun smoking. Most of the gum ailments arise on account of smoking. One of the most common mouth condition with which smokers suffer is periodontitis.

Gingivitis is another condition due to mouth bacteria. This bacterium is capable of clogging the arteries and can further lead to blood clots. The oral inflammation is further carried to other body parts. With the blockage in arteries the chances of cardiovascular condition like strokes increases.

With gum condition the pregnant mother can deliver a premature baby. Such babies are usually underweight. Also diabetic patient should be very careful about their oral health. In case of chronic gum ailment the blood sugar goes out of control and the resistance to insulin is noticed.  In other condition the bacterium can block the lungs and can cause respiratory problems. Pneumonia is the common related problem.

With severe gum conditions, stained teeth and tooth loss becomes natural. This may affect a person psychologically about his/her looks. Most of us show negligence when it comes to oral health. We shy away from regular visit to dentist and treat the condition as minor, until the problem piles up and take a gigantic shape.

So better watch out and practice oral health today.

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