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Midlife Crisis

By on November 13, 2008

A midlife crisis is experienced between the age of forty and sixty. For some growing old could be smooth sailing but for others it can be complicated and sometimes lead to depression. Most people will find some changes in them emotionally. Some say that a mid life crisis is a psychological problem but others relate it more to hormonal changes.

The person may feel irritation, Impotence, fatigue and loss of libido. A person may feel bored with people and things around them or may be unhappy with their lives without any reason. They feel confused about everything and sometimes blame their spouse for their unhappiness. There can be a great increase or decrease in sexual desire also. There is no particular reason for this. It can come naturally or due to external factors.

Lack of money and debt can give a lot of stress or can play as a catalyst to aggravate the already existing problems of mid life crises. Another factor can be loss of someone close or a divorce. Such situations can cause grief and can be very overwhelming. Natural factor that could lead to a mid life crises is–Imbalance of hormones.

It takes time and energy to come out of mid life crises. Here are some tips to help you in this difficult period:

1.Accept your feelings and try to explore them. You can share it with your spouse or join a support group. Develop new hobbies, help others or do some social work. Basically, try to divert your mind.

2.Be regular in your exercise. Many people think that we are bound to slow down with age and do less. With fitness regime you can develop your stamina and lead an active life. Many age related problems can be reversed by improving life style behavior. Exercise can also reduce stress and tension. With improved health and less stress you can cope with your problems more efficiently.

3.Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of growing older, you can view this time as moving forward.