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Move Past The Negative Thoughts in Your Relationship

By on May 18, 2009

In the face of a crisis, many of us tend to think negative and hold pessimistic thoughts. We feel negative and sometimes take the wrong decisions because of our state of mind. While it is normal behavior to be disturbed and tend to get negative while you’re in a crisis, prolonging the negativity and adopting it as an accepted behavior is not good.

These negative thoughts could be about anything – your family, your partner, your job or your money. When a person learns to think negatively, they can think negative about anything. These negative thoughts not only hinder your growth, they also affect your relationships. Negative thinking can affect a relationship.

Negativity in your thoughts and actions can cause stress on your mind and in your relationships. Your partner may be mature enough to understand that you’re going through a bad phase, but the bad phase has to end sometime. If it doesn’t end, you may lose your partner too.

Negativity doesn’t always emerge from crisis situations. Sometimes, low self confidence and distorted self image are the main causes of having negative thoughts. The only way to break the negativity cycle is to stop and take time for yourself. Use a mental time-out to think over your goals, relationships, finances etc. Evaluate your stance and position vis-à-vis each of them.

Develop a fitness regime. Research has shown that exercising enhances mood by triggering certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Once you are calm from inside, you will be able to focus on your problems, think better and therefore act better.

Sometimes situations are not as bad as we lead ourselves to believe. When you tend to have negative thoughts, try to think through the situation, trying to identify the distortions. Sometimes, you will realize that your actions towards someone or something were not good. Acknowledging that is a good thing. Accepting responsibility for our actions and keeping can reduce negativity in relationships and encourage your partner to approach you.