Mustard Oil For Skin Care

Mustard is a very economical plant and has a hot pungent taste when activated. It has been used by Romans, Greeks and Indians since ancient times as a preservative in pickles, for flavoring in meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. The mustard greens are very good source of vitamin A, iron, zinc etc. The seeds are full of calcium, protein, vitamin A, E, omegaAlpha-3, OmegaAlpha-6 fatty acids and antioxidants which make it very useful for good skin.

Mustard Oil For Skin Care

Here are some benefits of mustard seeds:

Regular massage with mustard oil promotes sweating which not only helps in lowering the body temperature but also removes toxins, excess water and salt. People with dry skin and hair, especially in winters can be benefited immensely. Moreover, after a good massage your blood circulation increases.

Another thing I would like to add here is that– you will never suffer from dryness all your winters by smothering mustard oil all over your body every time you take a bath. Moreover, If you are short on time then massage your body for 10 minutes and then shower. You will be benefited by its warming, antiseptic, carminative, antibacterial properties.

The presence of Allylisothiocyanate in mustard does not allow fungal growth and serves as an anti-fungal agent. Mustard paste applied externally is beneficial in the treatment of ring worms.

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In case of sun burn, rub the area with mustard oil and leave it for some time. It will remove the tan and pull out the heat from the effected area providing relief from itching and redness.

To increase the growth of your hair, boil mustard oil with henna leaves in a tinned based utensil. Massage your hair with this oil can do wonders for your hair growth.

Though mustard oil is banned in some countries for internal use but it is being used in India from more than hundred years and no side effects have been observed. It serves like a tonic when consumed internally. To have a healthy skin we need to have a clear stomach and for that matter consumption of one spoon full of mustard seeds two or three times a day could have a laxative effect. You are not only relieved from constipation, bloating etc but also all the impurities which collect in your body due to improper system.

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  • This is the first I’m hearing about mustard oil, but it doesn’t surprise me. Nature has a use for everything.

  • Rajanikanth

    I have been using mustard oil for massaging for my 61/2 yr old child. We have been observing a phenomenal improvement in his complexion and hair growth.A very useful anti oxidant if used correctly – a very useful and informative website…