My vagina is very loose; I want to tight my vagina

The vagina is composed of ligaments and muscles. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can make the vagina loose its elasticity and hence it turns not so youthful. Loosened vagina may not harm any internal body system and is not a disease but this organ is the major organ during sexual activities and loose vaginal tract is believed to be unsatisfying in sexual foreplays and main course.

The causes that make the vaginal loose include vaginal birth (child birth), too much intercourses, too frequent and heavy masturbation using bigger and/or wider objects etc. The vagina may loose its youthfulness or elasticity with the age of the woman. Simply put, it looses its elasticity when the woman advances her age.

There are many ways to tighten the vagina. Lady Secret Serum is one of the most widely used vaginal tightening creams. It contains purest extract of Pueraria mirifica and other natural vagina tightening tropical herbal extracts with goodness of Carbopol, Water, Butylene glycol, Glycerin, Propylene etc.

Simply apply the serum to the external and internal vaginal lips and relax. The active ingredients present in serum penetrate the skin and make the overall structure tightened, all naturally without affecting any other structure.

  • Manjali

    What amount of gel is to be applied to vagina and how many applications per tube?

    Do you apply the gel 30 min before intercourse? How long does the tightening last per application. After 30-45 days, does the vagina get more tightened than day 1 of application?

    Do I have to use this daily or only when intercourse is anticipated?

    If it works, should this product be used for life?


  • artworldp2

    my name is art,my question is would i suspect my girl friend to be cheating if the sex is different every once in a while….meaning it would be times i don’t feel any walls in the vagina,and she claims shes not cheating.can you educate me on this one

  • Anon Sym

    Sometimes if a girl is in a certain position and her muscles arent strong her vaginal walls will collapse and allow air to rush in thus causing the “no vagina walls” effect. I don’t know if something can be down about it, but the best thing to do is tell her to try to push out the air.

  • osas

    when do i use this product and how long do i use it for