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By on October 14, 2008

Nightmares are dreams which make your heart pound with fear. Normally they occur in the early morning hours causing people to wake with fright. One profound effect of nightmares is Sleeplessness. They can wake you up from your sleep and you may not be able to sleep again, night after night.

Nightmares are horrendous, can be disturbing, and often can act as an indication that something is seriously wrong.

What causes these nightmares?

Normally, nightmares are instigated by several discrete factors, like, repressed trauma, loss of a loved one, abuse etc. Apart from the psychological factors there are also physical reasons such as illness, breathing disorders or drugs which can cause nightmares, as certain drugs act on the neuro transmitters.
The occurrence of nightmares can be temporary but incase it continues for a longer period you must consult your doctor.

Your doctor can help you in finding the explanation behind it.

So how do you get rid of nightmares?

Although it’s quite okay to have a bad dream once in a while, but if it becomes a regular feature, then it needs to be checked. Figuring out how to stop nightmares isn’t easy. Part of the problem is to understand the root cause of a bad dream, which is hard to interpret. For this matter, make sure when ever you have a bad dream you write it down. As the dreams keep coming every night, register them in a diary. As discussed above, the factors causing nightmares can be stress, repressed trauma, and physiological changes in your body, relating these dreams to one of these states can give a very clear picture. Soon you will find a link.

Along side you should also try eliminating factors causing stress. For instance, talk to your friends and relatives, ask for their support. You can also try yoga and meditation to relax your mind.

If you have been a victim of some mishappening in the past, then take psychological help. The psychiatrist can help you by systematically eliminating the reasons of having nightmares one by one and working on the one which is causing problems.In most of the cases, it is the repressed thoughts or denial which re surfaces as nightmares.