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Painful Intercourse – Remedies

By on February 1, 2011

Painful Intercourse - RemediesSex should give you pleasure, not pain. Yet many women experience pain during intercourse which should not be. If you experience pain during intercourse there is something wrong with your system.

Vaginal dryness is one major cause of painful intercourse. Actually when you attain menopause your estrogen hormone level decreases which causes vaginal dryness. When estrogen hormone is reduced your vaginal line thins and gets dry which causes pain during intercourse.

Sjogren’s disease or ovarian surgery or depression also leads to dry vagina and painful intercourse. Women who fear of getting hurt during intercourse also experience pain during intercourse because their system does not produce lubrication in their vagina. Lack of foreplay also causes such pain.

To get rid of painful intercourse you should indulge into sufficient foreplay so that your vagina gets lubricated. If you are afraid of something or suffer from depression you should get treatment for depression.

Fish Oil

Increase your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids which you can get from fish, fish oil, flaxseeds, flaxseeds oil etc so that Omega 3 can boost your mood and cure depression naturally. When your mood will remain elevated you will enjoy your sex life.

Some other remedies for painful intercourse are given below. You can use vaginal moisturizers to get relief from dry vagina and pain during intercourse. But due to their smell some women dislike using it so you can opt for another remedy if you don’t like the smell of vaginal moisturizers.

Since pain during sex is caused due to reduced level of estrogen you can opt for hormone supplements. But you need to consult your doctor regarding usage of hormone supplements. Such hormone supplements increase your sex drive, eliminate pain during intercourse and allow you to enjoy your sexual life.

Consult Doctor

In some cases wrong position may also cause pain during sex hence change your position and see the difference. Find comfortable position for sex. Some water soluble lubricants are also available in the market to relieve sexual pain but again you may not like them due to their smell.

You may also be recommended to use vaginal estrogen ring. In comparison to estrogen pills which you would need to consume regularly, vaginal rings are considered safer for the prevention of thinning of the vaginal tissues and reduce the pain. When you experience pain during sex regularly, stop it for some days and seek medical help.