Pregnancy Worries

Getting pregnant can make you feel at the top of the world but it does bring some worries also. At one side where you are busy planning the layout of the nursery or buying things for the baby, on the other you are worried whether you’ll be able to handle the pain, delivery, upbringing of the baby, etc. The worries change as the pregnancy progresses.

The moment a women learns about her pregnancy, first thing that comes to her mind ones the initial feeling of ecstasy has gone is whether she will be able to keep her pregnancy or not . These concerns are definitely legitimate. Chances of miscarriage are high during the first few weeks. You need to follow the advice of your doctor and in case something goes wrong don’t blame yourself because the miscarriages happen suddenly, and there is very little you can do to prevent it.

However, once you cross the 12th week, the chances of miscarriage come to almost zero. Once the mother to be is sure of her pregnancy, other worries crop up like whether the baby is healthy or not or the child may not be born with birth defects. Another thing which can give sleepless nights is whether to have a normal delivery or C-section. Both methods have there pros and cons.

But C-section is more risky and the healing time is longer. Vaginal birth is painful only till the baby is born and you are back to your normal self within few days. However, you must take advice from the mid wife or your gynecologist about the whole procedure and then go for what is best for you.

Labor pain is another stressful issue. I’ll not say that it is not painful, but our body makes the changes required for child birth. The ligaments of the pelvis loosen to permit the pelvis to relax and make it easy for the baby to come out. Moreover, first labors are more painful than the subsequent ones.

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