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Pros And Cons Of Dating Younger Men

By on April 12, 2011

Dating Younger MenDating men older then oneself is the most common practice and has been followed since centuries. Though, many women recently have found out the benefits of dating men younger than themselves. It is true that even if dating a man younger than yourself is unconventional but it does provide you with a bunch of benefits that you would not find with a man of your age or older than you. There is no denial that there are a few drawbacks to dating younger men. But when compared to the benefits or advantages, the drawbacks seem insignificant.

Both the benefits and the disadvantages are mentioned here so that you can decide for yourself if it is worth dating a younger man or not. Let’s start with the disadvantages first. Firstly, it may raise a few eyebrows. You may have to face a lot of criticism for choosing someone who is younger than you. Doing anything out of the box or choosing something which is not a stereotype does make the society point a finger at you.

Another disadvantage of dating younger men is that you may find them immature or childish. This may lead them to keep unrealistic and extremely high expectations from you which you are unable to fulfill. The advantages however are much greater and also higher in number. The first good point about dating a man younger than yourself is that it is much more thrilling.

Dating Younger Men

Younger men are more adventurous and much more interested in experimenting. They are eager for newer experiences. They are filled with energy and enthusiasm. This would fill your life with more fun. Younger men are very much in love with life and are more positive about life. Thus, all these positive energy is certainly going to affect you in a very favorable way.

Younger men are much more passionate about love and relationships and hence you will never have any complaint in this regard. They are keener to please their partners and make them happy. They are also less likely to bring along any bitter experiences of relationships, affairs and breakups and hence that emotional baggage is most likely to be absent.


Dating younger men is also beneficial from the sexual point of view. They are better in bed not only because they have that passion in them but they are also willing and eager for new experiments. Thus, your sex life with your younger partner will be nothing less than an adventure.

Younger men look much better. Not only are they in an excellent physical form but also in a great health condition. This may tempt you to take better care of yourself, your health and your looks. Thus, your man’s company ultimately helps you to remain healthy and look beautiful.

Younger men are also better in conversations. You will hardly be bored talking to them. They have open, imaginative and fresh thinking. Talking to them is always refreshing. Along with that, they would also be the ones who would value your experience and suggestions and would respect you for that.